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That’s Amore, our fifth studio album, follows after a period of extensive preproduction: we recorded every rehearsal for about three years, where we threw around songs in various incarnations to see where this could take us. Since we couldn’t really try these songs out onstage from 2020 thru 2022, we consciously had to consider the vibe, tempi, lyrics, sounds, arrangements et cetera while in our own bubble. As you can hear and see, That’s Amore turned out to be an album with a more airy vibe and more of a live feel than we ever managed before. Filled with good time Rock ‘N’ Roll music, this album presents yours truly in a very honest and direct way. No overdubbing, no fixing of any time, tone or other ‘faults’: this is how we played the songs live in Galloway Studios as a tight wolf pack.

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