4 facts about the new album

Music fanatics! Here are 4 facts about our new album ‘That’s Amore‘ we’d like to share with you right now:

  • We chose the title ‘That’s Amore’ because that’s what we are all in need of right now; a little bit of love… Don’t you think so? Also it stands for the way we experience our ride on the BBR locomotive: we do what we love with the people we love. In the end, that’s all that counts. We hope you’ll track down the message in the lyrics as well: songs like ‘That’s Where I Stand’, ‘Midnight Walkers’ and ‘Burning Desire’ are just 3 examples carrying this positive message.
  • ‘That’s Amore’ features 11 tracks, one of which is a cover – the first time we ever recorded a song written by someone else. We picked ‘Just A Man’ by East Los legends Los Lobos, a band that we have a truckload of respect for. These guys paved their own way and they inspire us a lot. Los Lobos is still together after almost 50 years and still busy making great studio albums, touring the world and not taking anything for granted. About time we show some amore by recording this great, moody song.
Jamming at Galloway Studios. (Pic by Mike Nicolaassen)
  • For the 3rd time in our career we went to record at Galloway Studio in Nijmegen with our buddy Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt. We first took 2 days to focus on shaping a good, dynamic & lively sound and then we hit the record button. The songs we wrote in the 2 years prior proved to be a breeze to get on tape, with an absolute minimum of overdubs and certainly not ‘fixing’ anything. It felt like playing a gig and that’s what it sounds like too. Within 5 days we were done recording, guest musicians included.
  • Speaking of guests… Bring on some TNT: Tinez & Thijs! We finally had the balls to add a little brass to our songs – brass balls, if you will. Martijn ‘Tinez’ van Toor blew his guts out on his vintage, sexy saxophones that will be featured on 3 songs. You might know Tinez from the European blues & roots scene; he’s a true rhythm & blues asskicker with a heart made of pure R’N’R, with a ton of tours with all sorts of internationally known artists under his belt. He’s been a buddy of ours for some years and it was a blast to finally record some stuff together.
    Plus on keys: Thijs Schrijnemakers from Orgel Vreten fame. Thijs is a modest, easy going guy that can be heard backing up melodic lines, adding counter parts or just setting an atmospheric undertone. You’ll notice that we tucked Thijs’ parts in, to keep it in a supporting role in our mixing process and in your listening experience. What can we say… we’re a guitar band, right! 🙂
Guest Tinez on that saxy thang!

Let us finish off with a short video message – SOUND ON 🙂 … More info on ‘That’s Amore’ soon enough!

Cheers friends,
Simon, Mike, Jaap & Mark

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