Hair of the Dog… But what a night!

AAAAARGH… Where are my keys? Where’s my wallet?

Waking up this morning was not as peaceful as I hoped it would be. Couldn’t find my regular stuff. I must have been really wasted last night…


We played The Maddogs in Groesbeek. What a night! Lotsa people came out to check out The Riot. Even a lot of people came from Nijmegen to watch the show. So many more than we’d ever expect to show up! When we hit the stage the place was pretty packed. We played a cool set and we really had the sweat flowing on stage. Tim totally destroyed the Gretsch kit again and Jaap’s bass sound was earthshaking. Mike & Simon’s duelling guitarsolo’s sounded awesome. We had the crowd moving and it was extremely cool to see so many people having a good time. Punkrockers, metalkids, cowboys and bluesmen really got into it. We made a lot of new friends and it was cool to hang around and have a drink with y’all. Thumbs up!


After the show we drove back to Bright Light City and we went down to the Plu to have some more drinks. This is where things turned for the worse. The rest of the night is just one big blur… Though my head is still aching, there’s only one conclusion… again… WHAT A NIGHT!


See you soon, somewhere, someplace. Stay Hungry! BBR

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