Bye 2023, hello 2024

Pic by Mike Nicolaassen

Good day to all you music lovers!

We finished off a great, busy year with a BANG – two sold out nights at the most Rock ‘N’ Rollinest venue of our hometown Nijmegen! Yes, that would be Merleyn. Back in 2008 we played our first gig at Merleyn and it was a blast. We supported American rockers Howlin Rain and we’ve since then locked into a tight-but-loose live vibe. This is why we made the choice to record our live album at this legendary venue, which does not have all the whistles & bells most of the modern venues have. It’s just a dirty, sweaty place with a fairly low stage, two beer bars and some loud speakers. A perfect fit for your’s truly.

On December 29th and 30th 2023 we played a total of almost 40 songs and these have all been captured live on tape. Also the rowdy crowd we seem to attract everywhere we go has been recorded. Such good vibes! A crowd that’s not too much into of all that ‘let me hold up my phone and film this to grab some likes’ but more into ‘yes I am doublefisting drinks, singing along and hollering out loud’. Compliments for that.

Next up for us is the selecting and mixing of the songs we want to include on our live album, as well as preparing some nice artwork that fits the old school atmosphere of a BBR gig. A great process to be in. We’ll keep you informed every now and then. Nothing is sure, but we scheduled the live album release in October 2024 and of course we’ll include a supporting tour to bring the RNR to YOU.

We’d like to thank you all for the good times so far – and those that are coming up!

Cheers, Mike-Mark-Jaap-Simon

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