Live Recordings: 29th & 30th December 2023 at Merleyn, Nijmegen

‘The best sound you can get is an intimate club room, where you’ve got four walls and the sound just bounces. That’s the way this music is meant to be heard’. – Bob Dylan.


We feel that we’re currently in the best musical shape we’ve ever been, brimming with passion and a ravenous hunger for rock and roll! That’s why we believe it’s time to record and release a full-length live album, capturing us in the place where we feel most at home: the stage. And not just any stage, mind you! Merleyn Nijmegen holds significant importance for us. It embodies the quintessential rock and roll venue: cozy, dimly lit, with a low stage and fantastic acoustics.

Given the inherent challenges of recording a full-throttle rock and roll show, we’ve chosen two dates to celebrate in style! Mark your calendars for Friday 29th of December and Saturday 30th of December . These two nights will be all about the music and partying, featuring two different sets. So, feel free to join us for back-to-back nights of musical joy, ensuring that your enthusiastic sing-alongs will echo on our album for eternity.

So, don’t sleep on it and get your tickets for both nights over here!

See you on the road – Simon, Mike, Jaap & Mark


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