On the neverending road

Pic by Joris van den Berg

Friends, thanx for checkin’ in!

Last year was great with tons of shows to support the release of ‘That’s Amore’; we made new friends at festivals, blues clubs and pop venues all over the place. This year -2024, wow- we’ll continue being road dogs, with bookings at festivals like Bridge Guitar and Zwarte Cross, but also sweaty clubs like De Cactus in Hengelo and Gaststätte Stock in Hagen where we’ll play longer and more intimate sets for you all. It’s all there. We love to play all kinds of stages!

Behind the scenes we always pop a beer or two and hang out together, but this year we’ll also do some other stuff: our first live album is set to be released in fall of ’24! Currently we’re busy listening to studio mixes of the sets we played at Merleyn last December. It’s just a bunch of R’N’R songs so it’s not our intention to dwell to long on this process, but we want to do this right to give YOU -our fans- the best listening experience. The energy and vibe of both recorded evenings are so great! Studio Hot Shot Sven Lens is on the BBR train again (in 2013 we recorded Soul In Exile with Sven as well) to do that knob turning magic of his and get the sounds just right, without being to precious or sentimental about it. Also we’re working with Studio Another Day and photographer Mike Nicolaassen again to make sure the album design is stylish, outstanding and fitting for what we do. More info to follow soon, but should we mention that this release will be a double album…? 😉

Soooo… Great stuff coming up. We’re very much looking forward to seeing you all on the road, so be safe & healthy and we’ll raise our glasses together soon!

Cheers! S&M&J&M


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