Time to catch up with y’all

Howdee friends!

Hope you all are doing well. BBR sure is, too! We REALLY have to catch up with you guys, been a long time since we added some news on our website. That doesn’t mean we’re scratching our balls. Here’s some news and there soon will be more.


Recording process

First off, we’re having one hell of a party down at Studio Barbarossa. Tyrannosauric drums, rattling basses deeper than the U96, grindin’ & slidin’ guitars and some roaring vocals… It’s all there and it’s got the 4 C’s: Clarity, Color, Cut and some goddamn Carat! You know we like to do things at our own pace, so we need some time to round things off. Maybe Autumn? Who knows.


Limited new T-shirts

We’ve got new shirts. They kick major butt, suit well and are cheap. Only 10 bucks.
Send us an e-mail if you don’t want to miss out: info@blackbottleriot.com. Add the following info:


– Design (Snake with Bottle / Holy Smoke Ganesh)
– Size (S / M / L / XL / XXL)
– Stylo (regular / girlie)
– Color shirt (black / blue / brown for Snake with Bottle; only off-white for Holy Smoke Ganesh)
– Quantity (1 / zillion)


Festival gigs

Not too forget! We’re not playing a lot of shows while we’re at the studio, but we had to do a couple of big ones. This weekend we will be opening the main stage of the Rockin’ Park Fest in our hometown Nijmegen. Take one look at the bill and you KNOW you want to be there: among others The Black Keys, Ben Harper and Pearl Jam! Get there early ‘coz BBR starts at the crack of noon. Yes, 1200h that is. Go HERE for an interview about BBR doin’ the Rockin’ Park gig (De Gelderlander, Dutch).


Friday 16th July BBR rocks the main stage of Zwarte Cross ’round the clock of six. Since we know there are a LOT of folks coming from Nijmegen, we’ll get you a deal to get y’all on a bus from Nijmegen to Zwarte Cross and back.


Together with our pals from Shaking Godspeed and Zwarte Cross we present a good deal for all you rockers out there. In short: when you go to Zwarte Cross 2010 with the Nijmegen Rockcity bus, all passengers will get FREE ENTRANCE to the festival. Bus costs will be only 15 euros. This way you can drink, drive and rock. Not only will Black Bottle Riot and Shaking Godspeed be there… How about Triggerfinger, The Devil’s Blood & King Khan? And there’s lotsa more, check zwartecross.nl.


Subscribe to the bus here: Nijmegen Rock City website.


P.S. Here’s a vid of Simon & Mike doin’ a funny Dutch interview, with some live shots as well:

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