News from the road

Wooooow… Thanx to all the folks who showed up @ Plein 79, Den Bosch, last Sunday! It was one hell of a rockin’ matinee: lotsa amps, lotsa decibels, lotsa good times. It’s always a pleasure to pay a visit to Plein 79, especially when the place is filled with rockin’ folks like yesterday. We played a good 45 minutes ’round 1600ish and we literally gave all we got. Enjoy this pic of yesterday’s gig by PhotoMike… The Fury. The Blast. THE ROCK.


Be sure to witness the next BBR blow-out: Saturday the 31st of January at Little Devil, Tilburg. Buddies on the bill are -YES, once again!- Troy Torino and the low-down psyched-out stonerboys from Maaswater Veenlijk (or, as we call them, Blaaskater Steenpuist).


You will hate yourself forever if you’re not there, next Saturday. No joke.

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