Dear friends, we’re very pleased to present our new album… FIRE.

This is our 4th studio album, filled with 9 originals about life’s twists and turns. Now, let me tell you why we are a bunch of proud guys. It’s a real looker to start with. Packed in a gatefold with two enormous, beautiful photos (that tell a story if you care for it), complete with handwritten lyrics and credits – bringing you the goods on limited CLEAR vinyl. Oh man, this baby wants to go home with you.

After road testing these songs for quite a while and taking our time to discover what the new line-up had in store musically speaking, we can now say that FIRE has a bit of a different sound. There’s more room for melodic harmonies, layered vocals and space inbetween notes. Of course we’d never want to change the fact that we’re a rock band – and happy so! – but we managed to create more openness in our arrangements, which invites the listener more than ever to listen to it over and over again. There are some hidden gems, some more obvious than the other, which make it interesting even after a dozen of times listening to it.

FIRE was recorded at the Galloway Studio with our creative friend and producer extraordinaire Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt. He knows how to dive in and make us play our asses off, just the way we love it. Besides Sebastiaan’s additions on backing vocals during the recordings, Mike Roelofs is the only musical guest on this album. We enjoyed working together with (among others) Floor Kraayvanger and members from Crowbar and Calexico on earlier albums, but we kept the team smaller this time. It felt like we should. Mike Roelofs and his pianoforte hence play a bigger role than before, adding to the atmosphere and musicality. Thanks guys for putting up with us again – we had a great time and will be back when we’re ready for it.

Other than our former albums, FIRE will not be released through a record label. We do it ourselves. We work together with Sonic Rendezvous for distribution in the Netherlands and Broken Silence Distribution in Germany, making sure you’re able to order your copy without leaving your home – although, you could come off that couch and come to a show, have a good time and buy the album directly from us.

Now we’ve got all this out of our system,┬álet the music do the talking – go ahead and order your copy of FIRE. Hope to see you at one of the instore or regular shows soon.

Cheers from the four of us!

fltr: Jaap van den Berg (bass), Simon Snel (lead vocals, guitars, blues harp), Mark Weerts (drums, backing vocals) & Mike Sedee (guitars, backing vocals).

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