THANK YOU FOR 25-10-2013!

Dear friends, THANK YOU for one of the best nights we ever had! Our release party was an insane PARTY indeed, as well as a great way to start off our tour to bring Soul In Exile to you all.

Jawohl, ausverkauft

Around 8 p.m. we got the word that the last ticket had been sold. We worked our asses off to promote our release party and we’re very thankful that our fans showed up from all over the place – we spoke folks all the way from Groningen, Assen, Amsterdam, Germany, Eindhoven, Heerlen, Goes and Antwerpen. Plus – last, but certainly not least – all the lovely friends from the wider area of our beloved hometown of Nijmegen, obviously.

After a great 40 minute set by our friends of The Heat, the crowd was pumped up real good. We knew this quartet would be up for the task of revoking some atmospheres from the great days of rock, influenced by the likes of Peter Green and Canned Heat. Keep those killer boogie riffs comin’ and good luck recording your new lowdown grooves this December with mister Xavier T.

We always do our best to show our fans we care a lot about them. Last night was no exception. For instance, we brewed our own Black Bottle Riot beer exclusively for this night. One tasty drink for sure : a double beer, full taste, 7%. Those present sure as hell did their best to down the other brewskis as well, resulting in Doornroosje having sold out bottled Hertog Jan beers before we even struck our first chord. A new record. The lovely people of Pie In The Sky provided each and every visitor with a free pie to go with the drinks, so remember that name when you feel an appetite coming up. They deserve it.

Bubblegum chewin' rhythm boys
Pic by Willie Kerkhof

When we entered stage just past half ten, the ambience couldn’t have been better. It felt like we melted together with the crowd. Well, maybe we really did. Our dedicated female backing vocalists Floor & Tatum added warmth, soul and scope to our songs. Two angels by our side. After a dynamic set of 100+ minutes we were in a mixed state of euphoria, gratitude, pride and relief. Don Gio and Don Dus revved it up with a raunchy set of ghetto funk, causing masses of feet shufflin’ around. Hot on the one! You guys and gals took a shitload of merchandise with you on the way out, which we really appreciate. We’ll update our brand new website with pics of the new merchandise as soon as possible, so you can see what we have instore as well. Interested? Send a message to and wear it with pride.

After Doornroosje wiped the last visitors out, a lot of you came down to our late night home base: NDRGRND. There the gang continued and concluded this wonderful night with waaaaaay too much liquor shots. Luckily we flushed it down with some BBR beer, as we yelled in each other’s ears that the DJ was the BOMB. It’s not entirely possible to recollect how we found our way home, but apperently we did. We hope all of you did as well, in good health and ditto mood.

So… THANK YOU, beerdrinkers & hellraisers! See you on the road!
X – Simon, Mike, Jaap & Pieter

P.S. Go HERE for some pics by our good friend Mike Nicolaassen.

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