Friends, let’s not be macho about it: WE MISS YOU.

We miss meeting you all, we miss being on the road, we miss loading and unloading our van filled with heavy musical equipment. BBR is all about that wolfpack attitude, as you know. It’s so cool to that vibe of working and hanging together, like we have had since the early days. Of course that will return in all of our lives, but we really need to get our team on some sort of project – and that’s where our PUBCAST enters.

Black Bottle Riot will host a monthly live pubcast on youtube and we’d be delighted if you’ll join us! Just like we’re in the pub together. We aim at a stream of -say- 75 minutes, during which we’ll share some stuff with you from back in the day or new and fresh stuff. There’ll be some live music (and you might be surprised, but we’ll do some songs in Dutch too! Because: why not?), some insights in our gear and we’ll visit some cool places you might enjoy as well. How about Mark visiting a tattooshop (and getting some ink of course), Jaap showing the workspot where our leather guitar straps were made by hand and Mike doing some crate digging at a wonderful local vinyl shop? Mainly we go for that pub vibe, just hanging and chatting a bit – and we love to see YOU posting some feedback, questions or insights in the live chat! Get in touch!

On Friday May 28th we’ll host pubcast #3. See also in the menu above under ‘shows’, including the link to the live stream. The first two pubcasts were somewhat of a test run and we got a great response! No worries if you missed it: you can check them on our youtube channel. If you do so, fix a drink, a lazy chair and some headphones first. We sure have a good time making these pubcasts and we hope you enjoy it too!


Cheers & much love to you all!

Simon, Mike, Jaap & Mark

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