New Booking Agent


[custom_image type=”lightbox_image” src=”” width=”680″ height=”300″ crop=”c” title=”” effect=”thumb_icon” link=”” group=””]Here’s a short message while we’re finishing the recordings in the studio.
As of May 2nd all our bookings will be handled by Frank Kimenai at Whipping Post Music. YES!

This is what Frank states about working with bands: “I work with artists that have a sincere and authentic signature, and I strife towards building a recognizable artistic signature for this booking agency as well. What you see is what you get, basically. No bullshit, no hypes, no one-hit-wonders, but plain, honest music, by plain, honest artists, brought to you in a plain and honest way”.

We felt right at home! We’re really looking forward to working with Whipping Post Music.

Contact Frank here: e-mail or tel: +31(0)618816142

Peace out – BBR

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