Fresh from The Press


The first reviews on our debut album are being published as we speak. And it seems like the press digs it!


– Dutch rockzine Lust For Life honors the album with four out of five stars and says ‘this album is so tough, I just might get me a tattoo’. Sure thing! Zine will be instore tomorrow.


Lords Of Metal (81/100) states that BBR ‘grasps the sound and feel of the Southern States, while making it sound fresher ánd heavier’. Must be the smell of Texas Pete’s BBQ sauce.


– According to White Room, BBR ‘will blow its’ own Texan whirlwind’. Now that’s a nice one! How do they come up with that…?



If you want to read some more about BBR, here are two (Dutch) interviews for y’all: 3voor12 & Ugenda.


Thanx, press folks! More comin’ up. Take care, BBR

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