Extra hometown gig sold out within a day!

Yesterday we announced an extra gig on Friday April 3rd in our hometown Nijmegen to celebrate a good night of R’N’R music in a dive bar. It’s obvious you keep an eye on our social media posts, because it’s already sold out! No need to go and weep, because you still can catch us live in a matter of weeks: we’d love to see you at Dru in Ulft at March 21st.

For this special occasion we’ve come full circle: BBR will play in our fav hangout since day one, namely De Kluizenaar. This is where we shot the promotional pics for our first album, this is where we take you for the afterparty, this is where we go when we discover our rehearsal space isn’t available, this is where the staff checked and double checked to see if that insane high bill really is just for those four BBR guys… well ahum. Check out the back of our debut album to check the atmosphere of De Kluizenaar:

You’ll recognise this deer above our heads (hi Bert!) on Friday April 3rd.

See you soon! S-M-J-M

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