Album #3 in the making

We have moved on in the last nine days. Without light, fresh air and a social life – but with something to smoke, drink and burn. We’ve emptied our system. It turned out a bit darker than you’ve heared before from us. We knew we wrote some heavy songs, but now we had to do them just and record them with the intensity they deserve. No compromises. This is where the dark soul lives.

It came out heavy and intense. Like the day coming down, putting out the last lights that embraced your presence. You’re cast aside, fighting a high tide. You’re in the dark and you have to make it till dawn. In solitude. Time & time again you thought there is a light out there, but it fell through. And again and again. What’s up with all that? Is it the devil on your shoulder? Aren’t we all trying to go around the sun and back? Aren’t we all sinners, trying to be better men and women despite the odds? Aren’t we all eventually becoming one with the dust?

Release is set for Autumn 2015.


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