3voor12: “Hallelujah! Ethan Miller is God and Black Bottle Riot are His Sons!”

Hey folks!


Y’all recovered from the afterparty of our gig in Merleyn? Hair of the dog? Same here… But it was definitely worth it. Hotdamn, this was a good night for the Soul of Rock! Here’s some thoughtful poetry from 3voor12 about this nite.


We were really looking forward to doing this gig supporting Howlin Rain and it didn’t let us down the slightest bit… The response of the audience was absolutely great and we think this was another night where every little thing was in balance – as stated in that groovy slide rocker we play, ‘In The Balance’.


After a set of about thirty minutes or so, we were soaking wet and we had given all we had to give. Simon’s brand new Orange amp managed to crank it up just right and it stayed in that sweet spot – oh, yes it did. And check out Paul van Dijk’s atmospheric photo of slidin’ Mike right here. Looks like a blend of Nicke Andersson and Gary Rossington, right? Sounds like it, too! Of course we played loud as shit, but Howlin Rain proved to be even more decibeliabolic than the Black Bottle Riot Bitches. And that is one hell of an accomplishment. Those guys rock. Would be great to gig with ’em on their next trip to Europe.


In case you missed this steamy night… You can get your next chance soon enough. Check our agenda for upcoming outdoor gigs!


Cheers, Black Bottle Riot

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